Agent Dale Cooper would approve.

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Last week I was gifted with a French press coffee maker. I’ve seen French presses for sale in stores and coffee shops, but this was a particularly elegant looking one from Cafe de Chateau, and I’m not ashamed to admit I was a little intimidated by it at first.

See, I’ve never made French press coffee before. I’ve drip-brewed, percolated, poured over, K-cupped, used coffee “tea bags,” and have even made “cowboy coffee” in a metal saucepan — both on a campfire and the stovetop in my first apartment.

French press seemed above my station.

That’s a silly attitude, of…

There are good reasons to stay. This is about a lot more than just money.

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A couple of days ago, I published my 300th article since joining Medium in December 2019.

300 articles.


It’s been an interesting ride, and I’m here to declare that I’ve no intention of leaving Medium anytime soon. Heck, a year from now, I fully expect to be reporting the completion of another 300 articles.

What keeps me going?

The same thing that should keep you going. I’ll get to those reasons in a moment.

This article is not for the ones who see the headline and choose not to click on it. …

Get everyone on the same page, for everyone’s sake.

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To keep cyberattacks from infiltrating your business, stealing data, and shutting things down, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive, effective cybersecurity policy in place for every employee.

The policy should outline rules for anything IT-related within the company and give employees the resources they need to take care of any issues.

Everyone may have anti-malware software on their work computers. There may be spam filters already in place. But there can be many security holes still open and, unless everyone agrees, those holes can be exploited by cybercriminals seeking to steal data or wreak havoc on your networks.

That’s why…

We all want to feel good. So… let’s allow ourselves to feel good!

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Life is challenging, but it doesn’t have to make you miserable.

There can be a lot of outside factors involved in making life tough, which can all contribute to you feeling down. But there can be a significant number of interior attitudes and habits involved as well.

Here are six accessible and actionable ways you can turn things around by changing the way you think or act. Doing that goes a long way to improving everything else.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying, right?

Avoid comparing yourself to others

Too often, we don’t realize we’re doing this. …

Never run out of ideas with these winning sources.

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If you write a lot of blogs, you’re probably going to face the problem of running low on ideas. It happens.

The good news is that finding new topics — finding a lot of new topics isn’t all that difficult. Try some or all of the twenty ideas listed below and see which yields the best results for you.

Then add some sources of your own.

Have fun with it.

The Twenty

  1. Your social media feeds (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Just scroll for a bit, and you’ll be bombarded with dozens of potential topics in no time.
  2. Other people’s social media…

Declare what makes a victory, then go crush it.

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Being productive is all well and good, but do you feel satisfied by the end of the day?

Do you feel victorious? Do you feel like you’ve made some actual accomplishments?

You might. You’ve likely got a great handle on your daily tasks and work obligations. But the question remains…

Do you feel like the day was a success?

It doesn’t take much to make every day a successful day. There’s a simple trick you can use that will help.

It involved making a concise list.

The Three-Things Approach

Either before you go to bed at night or sometime in the morning, before…

Why continue to feel bad if you don’t have to? Anger doesn’t rule you.

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Emotions get the better of us all the time. It’s a very human experience.

That said, some emotions are better than others, and some are worse.

Anger is one of those things many of us try to control — especially when we look at all the nonsense happening around the world today. It’s actually a wonder we, as a species, aren’t even more messed up.

But there is beauty and love in the world. Some great things are happening if you take the time to look for them. …

If you ever wondered if you could be a successful freelancer, the answer is yes!

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I’ve been at this freelancing thing for around a quarter of a century. More than half that time has been me doing it as my only full-time gig.

Over the years, I’ve picked up a few valuable things. I mean, I had to. Freelancing isn’t easy, but at the same time, it’s not all that difficult either if you’re patient and are willing to learn as you go.

Here are seven bits of advice that should help you in growing your freelance career. Most I learned after doing it the hard way first. …

Seriously, if any of these are still around ten years from now, we’ve failed as a species.

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I love living in the future. And I have a deep respect for the past.

But respecting the past also means knowing when to put some things out to pasture. And, frankly, not everything about the past was worthy of that much respect anyway.

Here are eight things that can go. I understand that some are still around because things like Internet access aren’t yet universal. That’s a concept that can go, too.

But as soon as it’s viable and fair for everyone, these eight archaisms can retire.

And the rest of us can get on with our lives.

Income Inequality


What does it take to be a successful creator? Here are six approaches to embrace.

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You don’t need better reasons to take up a side hustle than you have a great idea and want to create something. Sure, there may be a monetary incentive, but if money is the only thing you’re interested in, go find a job on Wall Street.

If you want to create something and share it with the world, go for it. And if you can make some money doing it, even better.

Taking on a side hustle (and, to a certain degree, become a freelancer) requires having the right attitude going in.

Here are six qualities you should nurture to…

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